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Posted 8/11/2009 Printable Fact Sheet
469th Tactical Fighter Squadron Patch
469th Tactical Fighter Squadron patch. (U.S. Air Force photo)
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Flying Combat over North Vietnam in the F-105D
Korat Air Base Thailand, 1965-1968

The Mission of the 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron was to conduct interdiction operations in North Vietnam and Laos. The targets were lines of transportation and communications, roads, railroads, bridges, supply areas, military training facilities, missile sites, radar sites, airfields, anti-aircraft emplacements, river barges, trucks, construction equipment, river fords and vulnerable highway sections. Corollary missions were combat air patrol (MiGCAP) flights with AIM-9B sidewinder missiles. Electronic countermeasures and electronic intelligence aircraft escort, Rescue missions, leaflet drops, radar "Buddy Bombing" with RB-66 aircraft and camera pod missions.

Airborne Forward Air Controllers were utilized in Laos and the western portion of the panhandle of Vietnam.

469th TFS Forces

F-105D Thunderchief 
- Survival Equipment

USAF Forces

Douglas RB/EB-66
F-100F Wild Weasel I
F-105F Thunderchief
F-4 Phantom II

North Vietnamese Forces

MiG Formations 
- Hi-Lo Pairs (MiG-15 and MiG-17)
Stacked Three (MiG-15 and MiG-17) 
- Pair Patrol (MiG-15, MiG-17 and MiG-21)
MiG-21 Tactics
SA-2 Surface-to-Air Missile
Antiaircraft Artillery (AAA)


- Basic Formations 
- Cardinal Rules of Combat
Iron Hand
Flak Suppression - Locust
Combat Sky Spot
Commando Nail
Seed Mix III
Combat Air Patrol - MiGCAP
Rescue (RESCAP)
Armed Reconnaissance
Photo Reconnaissance


USAF Bases in Thailand
USAF Bases in South Vietnam
USAF Operational Areas in Laos
USAF Operational Areas in North Vietnam

Pilot Rosters

Honor Roll - POW/MIA/KIA
100 Mission "Club"
Initial Pilot Roster (Nov. 15, 1965)
Pilot Roster (Dec. 3, 1965)
Pilot Roster (May 5, 1966)
Pilot Roster (Fall 1968)
469th TFS "Firsts"

In Their Own Words

Maj. Bob Krone (Jan. 31, 1966)
Lt. Col. Gordon "Swede" Larson (May 5, 1967)
Maj. Ralph Kuster Jr. (June 3, 1967)

469th TFS History

Early History (January-March 1965)
Early Organization (April-November 1965)
Permanent Status (Nov. 15, 1965)
Initial Combat Mission
Christmas Bombing Halt
Leaflet and Money Drop (Feb. 6, 1966)
Bac Giang (Spring 1966)
Maj Dickey Shoots Down a MiG-17
Operations Summary, January 1967
Operations Summary, February 1967
Operations Summary, March 1967
Operations Summary, April 1967
Operations Summary, May 1967 
- Ha Dong Army Barracks - 5 May 
- River Rats (1st Practice Reunion)
Operations Summary, June 1967 
- Two MiG-17s Shot Down (June 3)
Operations Summary, July 1967 
- 20,000th Combat Hour (July 1)
Operations Summary, August 1967 
- Paul Doumer Bridge (Aug. 11)
Operations Summary, September 1967
Operations Summary, October 1967
- Phuc Yen Airfield Strike
Operations Summary, November 1967
Operations Summary, December 1967
Operations Summary, January 1968
Operations Summary, February 1968 
- Support of Operation Niagara
Operations Summary, March 1968 
- 30,000th Combat Hour
Operations Overview, April-June 1968 
- TDY to the USS Enterprise 
- River Rats - 5th Practice Reunion
Operations Overview, July-September 1968 
- 500 Mission Flight - 10 Aug 68
Operations Overview, October-November 1968 
- 40,000th Combat Hour - 30 Oct 68 
- Transition to F-4E (Nov. 17, 1968)
Lt. Col. Gaudion

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