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Convair XF-92A
DAYTON, Ohio -- Convair XF-92A at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)
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Note: This aircraft is located in the Research & Development Gallery on a controlled-access portion of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Click here for requirements to visit this gallery.

This airplane was the world's first jet aircraft to fly using the radical delta-wing configuration pioneered by Germany's Dr. Alexander Lippisch during the 1930s.

The Convair Model 7002 was completed in 1948 as a flying mock-up for the proposed delta wing XP-92 interceptor. (In 1948 the Air Force changed the designation from P for pursuit to F for fighter.) The XP-92 was to be powered with a new propulsion system that consisted of a ramjet engine with several small rockets inside the combustion chamber. It would have been a short range, Mach 1.65 interceptor with a flight time at altitude of 5.4 minutes. The Model 7002 was designed to investigate delta wing behavior at low and high subsonic speeds.

When the XP-92's engine proved impractical to build, the project was shelved in 1948. Even as the XP-92 program was ending, the Model 7002 was being prepared to fly. The 7002 was initially powered by an Allison J33-A-23 turbojet engine and later the J33-A-29 turbojet with afterburner. It was formally delivered to the USAF on May 14, 1949, and named the XF-92. It was flown by Air Force test pilots until its nose gear collapsed on landing on Oct. 14, 1953, ending its flying career. With the experience gained from the XF-92 program, Convair was able to win the competition for the "1954 Interceptor" program and to build the successful delta-wing F-102.

Only one XF-92A was built; it was delivered to the museum in 1969 from the University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.

31 ft. 3 in.
Length: 42 ft. 5 in.
Height: 17 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 8,500 empty; 14,608 lbs. maximum
Armament: None
Engines: Allison J33-A-29 of 7,500 lbs. thrust with afterburner
Crew: One
Cost: $6,048,928

Maximum speed:
715 mph/624 knots
Cruising speed: 654 mph/569 knots
Range: Not applicable
Service ceiling: 40,000 ft.

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