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Informational Scavenger Hunts

Grades 1-12

For school and youth groups needing more flexibility in their schedule or for those who prefer written assignments for their students, the museum offers free self-guided scavenger hunts. These tours are informational scavenger hunts that take students through the museum in search of answers to a set of questions based on grade level. Advanced reservations are required.

To request this program, please complete a registration form.


1) One adult leader is required for every 10 students, ages 18 and under. Please divide your group before entering the museum.

2) You will receive your chosen scavenger hunt with your email confirmation.  You are responsible for making copies to distribute to your group.  Please delete the file after making your copies.  These scavenger hunts are updated on a regular basis.

3)  When you arrive at the museum, register your group at the Lobby Information Desk.  The volunteers at the desk will provide you with an answer key if required for your chosen scavenger hunt.

4) You must provide your own pencils and writing surface.  Pens and markers are not permitted.

5) These scavenger hunts are self-directed.  You may set your own schedule to spend the amount of time you prefer to complete the activity.

6)  Due to the nature of the program, group size is limited to a maximum of 150 students per day.  Large groups are asked to consider rotating between the scavenger hunt and a visit to the Theatre, the exhibit galleries, etc.  Call the Education Division if you need assistance coordinating your group (937-255-4646 or 255-4652).

  • Available Scavenger Hunts
    Please use the menus below to browse through available scavenger hunts.

    Be sure to indicate on your registration form which of these tours you are requesting. Groups with a variety of age levels may choose from more than one tour. Be sure to indicate the required number from each category.

    Please call the Education Division as soon as possible if you must cancel, are running late or have a change in the number of students. Remember to cancel any theatre (937-253-4629) or cafe (937-255-2735) reservations that you may have made.

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