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Avro Preserving the Air Force's proud legacy, the Restoration Division restores aircraft and aerospace vehicles to historically accurate and visually striking levels. Division members are well versed in a variety of skills ranging from machine and woodworking expertise to precision craftsmanship in sheet metal and painting. Their knowledge of aircraft spans years of technology -- from World War I fabric covered aircraft to the elite fighters of today's Air Force.

Restoration workers also maintain the museum's vast aircraft collection, move aircraft into exhibit position and work hand-in-hand with the Exhibits and Research Divisions and museum management on ever-changing gallery displays. The Restoration Division relies heavily on a dedicated, talented cadre of volunteers in accomplishing its mission.

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Avro 504K
National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
Oct. 21, 2019 | 0:39
This aircraft has been restored in 2019.

In July 1913, the British A.V. Roe (Avro) Co. tested its first model 504 aircraft, and numerous variants followed -- based upon the type of engine installed. The 504K version had adapters, which allowed the installation of several different types of rotary engines. This aircraft had an undistinguished combat career, but it proved to be an excellent trainer.

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