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Become a Volunteer

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force depends on volunteers on a daily basis.  Our volunteers have a variety of responsibilities from monitoring the exhibit galleries, interacting with the public, promoting the museum’s Membership program, supporting education programs, providing information at the main entrance, and more!  You don’t need a Ph.D in history to volunteer.  All you need is lots of enthusiasm and a little time. Click here to complete the volunteer application.

Now Seeking

Museum volunteer giving presentation to children sitting on the floor about how to build a kite during storytime in one of the museum's classrooms.At this time, the Museum has two needs for volunteers.  One of those areas is as a Gallery Monitor in each of our four buildings. Here volunteers interact with visitors by assisting them find a specific exhibit or aircraft or where the attractions or Cafes are located. These Gallery Monitors have the amazing opportunity to interact with visitors first-hand to include many veterans who have very exciting and unique stories to share. The biggest need for this group of volunteers is currently on weekends. The other area of great need is with our expanding educational needs of the Museum. Our Education Division is quickly growing their programming and events and they are looking for outgoing people who love to share their passion for learning with children and adults of all ages. If you are interested in supporting the Museum as a volunteer, click here to complete the volunteer application.

Click on the arrow for each category below for more information.

Step 1
Click here to complete the volunteer application.

You may also call the Volunteer Services office at (937) 255-3495 for information.
*Please note that all volunteer applicants must have access to a valid email address in order to complete the registration process. Once registered and approved, all volunteers must maintain access to a valid email address.

Step 2
Wait for an email identifying dates for background checks and fingerprinting. 
Return the email with date/s you can attend.
Attend fingerprinting appointment.

Step 3

Wait for clearance email and the available dates for New Volunteer Orientation. 
Return the email with the date(s) you can attend.
Attend New Volunteer Orientation.

Step 4
Join the fun ...the only thing missing is YOU!

Volunteer Info Center

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Contact Us

Contact Volunteer Services at
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