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Enlisted Force Exhibit


This new exhibit highlights the highly skilled, trained and talented enlisted force that has been the backbone of daily operation of the U.S. Department of the Air Force. Elements of this exhibit are thoughtfully placed throughout the museum complex. Full completion is expected later this year, but visitors can view individual elements as they are installed from now until then. 

Central Exhibit
Enlisted Pilots
Cpl. Eddie Ward
SFC Fred C Graveline
SFC Harold Nichols
Sgt. William Ocker
WWI Maintenance
Enlisted Mechanics Keep Em Flying
Mechanics at BT-14 Accident
TSgt. Forrest Vosler
Engineer Aviation Battalions
SSgt. Henry Erwin
TSgt. Ben Kuroki
SSgt. James Meredith
Army Air Forces Enlisted in WWII
Enlisted Bombardiers - Nero
Aircraft Maintainers
Cold War Air Police
SEA Prime Beef - Red Horse
CMSgt. Duane Hackney
Defenders of the Force
EOD in the SEA War
CMSgt. Wayne Fisk
SEA Photos
Enlisted RPA Pilots
Boom Operators
You're in the Air Force Now(Basic Military Training)
Enlisted Thunderbirds
Aerial Port Personnel
Combat Jumps
Musical Ambassadors
Grey Berets
MSgt. Delorian Sheridan
SSgt. Robert Gutierrez
SSgt. Anissa Shero
Missile Technicians
SSgt. Nyle Mickley
Enlisted Airmen on the Cutting Edge
MSgt. Timothy Wilkinson
CMSgt. Jeremy Hardy
SSgt. Scott Sather
Enlisted Airmen on the Cutting Edge
Enlisted Guardians
Imagine Me Cutouts

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