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Grey Berets Forecasting Weather Behind Enemy Lines

From applying the fundamentals of atmospheric dynamics to parachuting behind enemy lines, “weather warriors” are some of the most versatile Airmen in the US Air Force.

Depending on Air Force needs, Airmen are either assigned to an Airborne Combat Weather Team (CWT (A)) or a Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT). CWT (A)s support conventional Army Airborne units such as the famed 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions while SOWT were assigned to Air Force Special Tactics Squadrons or attached to US Army Special Forces Battalions.

Regardless of unit, environmental reconnaissance is at the forefront of their skillset. They collect and report hydrographic, geologic, and meteorological information to aid combatant commanders in the “go/no-go” decision process.

The knowledge and skillset these Airmen make them highly valuable to other Special Operation units such as the Navy SEALs, Marine RECON, Army Ranger and other elite military units.

CWT (A)s still support conventional Army Airborne units while SOWTs became the new Special Reconnaissance career field in 2019.

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