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Introduction to Becoming a Pilot Program

This FREE course has been designed to inspire towards, and educate students about, a career as an Aviator.  This program consist of introductory level courses, which will provide a brief overview of what an actual Flight School would be like.  This program does not provide any level of certification, and cannot be used as a substitution for courses provided by a certified schoolhouse.  It is merely intended to see if the student has the desire and/or capability to become a pilot, without spending any money.  “Try it before you buy it.”



Class Schedule

Each class will consist of six sessions scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of two consecutive weeks.  Classes will be from 3:45 PM to 5:15 PM; please allow for approximately 10 minutes for entry of the Museum, and walking to the classroom.  Each session will consist of approximately 30-45 minutes of ground school, with the remaining time spent on the simulators applying newly learned concepts.  During the simulated flight time, each student will receive one-on-one instruction from a current or former military, commercial, or private pilot. (All classes are full at this time).


Class Number

Start Date

Graduation Date

 2019D CLOSED 

 Sept. 24th, 2019

 Oct. 3rd, 2019

 2019E FULL

 Oct. 8th, 2019

 Oct. 17th, 2019

 2019F FULL

 Oct. 29th, 2019

 Nov. 7th, 2019

 2019G FULL

 Nov. 12th, 2019

 Nov. 21st, 2019

 2019H FULL

 Dec. 3rd, 2019

 Dec. 12th, 2019

 2020A FULL

 Jan. 7th, 2020

 Jan. 16th, 2020

 2020B FULL

 Jan. 28th, 2020

 Feb. 6th, 2020

 2020C FULL

 Feb. 11th, 2020

 Feb. 20th, 2020

 2020D FULL

 March 3rd, 2020

 March 12th, 2020

 2020E FULL

 March 17th, 2020

 March 26th, 2020

 2020F FULL

 April 7th, 2020

 April 16th, 2020

 2020G FULL

 April 21st, 2020

 April 30th, 2020

 2020H FULL

 May 12th, 2020

 May 21st, 2020



  • Must be between the ages of 14 and 18, and have an interest in becoming a pilot; exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis  
  • Must be able to attend all 6 sessions
  • Must have your own transportation to and from the Museum, transportation will not be provided
  • Must not have any physical limitations that will not permit safely entering and exiting the simulators

Attire for course

Uniform requirement for this course for the last day of class, is the dress uniform for JROTC and CAP organizations; a class photo will be taken.  For other Youth Organizations, the equivalent dress uniform is appropriate.  All other training days, and for those not in one of these organizations, their clothing needs to be clean, tidy, and “school” appropriate.


The first 6 qualified respondents will be placed in each class.  An addition 2 students will be placed on a waiting list.  However because the curriculum builds on the previous class session(s), once class starts, the waiting list goes away.

To register, send an email with the subject line “Introduction to Becoming a Pilot” to nationalmuseum.mut@us.af.mil attention Pat Hannon.  Please include the student’s name, age, an email address, a phone number, and the name of a parent or guardian for contact purposes.  Please provide the class number for your preferred class; we will do our best to accommodate, but there is no guarantee.

If you are a JROTC, CAP, or other youth organization that wishes to schedule 6 students for a specific class, please identify this in your email.  For groups, please e-mail your request at least a month in advance.

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