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New Exhibits

This page features new, special, or travelling exhibits on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

Coming Soon

Following is a list of upcoming exhibits at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Please note that the opening date is subject to change. Additional information will be added to the website closer to each exhibit opening.

"A Force for Good: Department of the Air Force Humanitarian Missions"
Grand Opening Celebration Saturday, April 9, 2022

Throughout this new permanent exhibit, visitors will see the history and role the Air Force Plays in humanitarian operations to assist people domestically and around the world including: aerial deliveries, goodwill missions, relief and rescue, firefighting, and critical care responses. A number of artifacts will be on display to include diving equipment used during the Thai Cave Rescue, and firefighting tools used to combat wildfires in Alaska, as well as a fully-assembled Transport Isolation System.  This newest exhibit will be located in the 4th Building next to the C-130.

From Yesterday into Tomorrow: Celebrating 75 Years of the U.S. Department of the Air Force
Spring 2022

Using photographs and videos, this new temporary exhibit will immerse visitors in the rich history of the Air Force's pursuit of excellence in air, space and cyberspace highlighting its global impact in defense, technology, and social advances.

Search and Rescue in Southeast Asia (2022)
Evolution of Search and Rescue (SAR) from the end of the Korean War to the beginning of American involvement in Southeast Asia. As air operations and USAF presence increased, the need to revitalize and revamp SAR became increasing important to rescue downed Airmen. This included new aircraft and procedures leading to what has become the blueprint for today’s premiere USAF rescue force. The exhibit will feature the display of an A-1H “Sandy” escort aircraft, the beginning of inflight refueling for helicopters, and an exhibit on the Raven Forward Air Controllers during the secret war in Laos.

Enlisted Force - Foundation of Air and Space Power (2023)

This exhibit will highlight the continuous and significant role of the enlisted force in the history of the US Air Force. In addition to new exhibits, existing exhibits are planned to be modified to include more of the enlisted force role within the galleries.

Now Open

Following is a list of upcoming exhibits at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Please note that the opening date is subject to change. Additional information will be added to the website closer to each exhibit opening.

Picture of the GPS exhibit in the shape of a satelliteGlobal Positioning System and Its Impact (Now Open)

The 700-sq ft GPS exhibit explains how GPS works to improve everything from personal navigation to banking, farming, science, construction and many other aspects of daily life. It shows how the Department of the Air Force manages this amazing satellite system that has changed the world since the 1990s. The exhibit also explains the problem of space junk and shows how satellite orbits work, and features videos and a GPS quiz game. 


Overhead picture of the Flying the President exhibitFlying the President (Now Open)

The 'Flying the President' exhibit will tell the story and display real artifacts from the air crews and maintenance personnel who transported the President of the United States on fixed-wing aircraft around the world." Opening in the August time frame, this engaging exhibit will ask (and answer) such questions as 'What music did American presidents enjoy?' and 'Were there really jellybeans on the aircraft?'


Picture of Women in the Air Force exhibit panelWomen in the Air Force: From Yesterday into Tomorrow (Now Open)

This multi-part exhibit highlights women’s achievements in aviation, civilian and military, with emphasis on the USAF and its predecessors. This effort will add balance to what has been in the past a male-centric overall story, and make the overall NMUSAF heritage message more inclusive, complete, and meaningful to a general audience. The exhibit covers historical issues, changes in laws and attitudes, and women’s contributions. Specific women and groups from all eras and various career fields are noted to emphasize the impact women have played in establishing women’s current position in the Air Force.​

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