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You’re in the Air Force Now

For those joining the enlisted ranks of the U.S. Air and Space Forces, the journey to become an Airman or Guardian begins with Basic Military Training (BMT), followed by Technical School.

The Transformation: Basic Military Training

Located at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland since 1946, BMT teaches the universal knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for all Airmen and Guardians. In eight and a half weeks, “flights” of fifty trainees learn Air Force core values, policies, and procedures. Classroom study, physical training, drill (formal movements and formations), and basic weapons instruction prepares them for military life and instills discipline.

Trainees spend the last week in a simulated deployment to practice operating in a wartime environment. Upon completion, basic training culminates in a graduation ceremony where trainees officially become Airmen and Guardians.

The Face of the Force: Military Training Instructors

Formerly called drill instructors, Military Training Instructors (MTIs or TIs) develop civilian trainees into Airmen and Guardians. They teach, motivate, and mentor fifty people at once, from dawn until dusk. Chosen for their professionalism, MTIs must model outstanding conduct and appearance. Though physically and mentally challenging, many find it deeply rewarding.    

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