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Port Dawgs Move the Mission

Enlisted Air Transportation Specialists, affectionately known as “port dawgs” or “porters,” expedite passengers and cargo through aerial ports to destinations all over the world. 

Porters are supply chain experts who work around the clock to get things where they’re needed, fast. They coordinate load planning, palletizing cargo, loading and offloading, and passenger movement. Critical assets ranging from troops and rockets to fire trucks and food arrive on time thanks to their knowledge and speed. All over the world, wherever airlift is needed, port dawgs move people and supplies to accomplish the mission.

Port dawgs established a reputation for optimistic willingness during the Southeast Asia War. Air cargo specialists demonstrated ingenuity by perfecting engine-running offloads in combat zones to drop off cargo quickly without forklifts. At terminals, passenger service porters converted grossly inadequate facilities consisting of muddy tents into permanent structures with lighting and snack bars. When faced with challenges, they simply adapted. This spirit of seeking constant improvement continues to define porters today.

Enlisted port dawgs’ daily contributions support every part of the Air Force mission at home and abroad.

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