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Musical Ambassadors

Airmen serve as musicians, arrangers, and audio engineers in United States Air Force bands, where they represent the USAF to audiences worldwide. The bands’ inspirational performances honor veterans and connect the public to the Department of the Air Force through music.

All band members are enlisted Airmen except for the conductor, who is a commissioned officer. These highly talented musicians are often selected from the nation’s finest universities and conservatories. More than ninety percent of USAF enlisted musicians have a bachelor’s degree, and nearly half have graduate degrees. Each must complete Basic Military Training and pass live musical auditions.

The USAF has two premier bands, nine active-duty bands, five Air National Guard bands, and a deployed band in the Central Command area of Southwest Asia. Their versatile work includes military ceremonies, educational programs, and concert productions designed to honor military heritage, raise troop morale, and foster positive relations nationwide and abroad.

The exceptional musical talent demonstrated by enlisted Airmen creates positive, lasting impressions of the United States Air Force in communities around the world.

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