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Technical Sergeant Forrest L. Vosler Medal of Honor Recipient

In a raid over Bremen, Germany, a B-17 with the 358th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group, had just finished bombing its target when it was severely damaged by anti-aircraft fire. TSgt. Forrest Vosler, radio operator and gunner, was firing at enemy fighters when a 20mm shell exploded near his legs, leaving blood pouring from his boots. A second explosion seriously wounded the tail gunner. Although injured himself, TSgt. Vosler provided first aid to the gunner and then resumed firing his weapon. However, a third shell exploded near his face, sending shards of metal into his eyes, chest, and hand, causing impaired vision and periodic lapses in consciousness.

Despite suffering from severe injuries, TSgt. Vosler continued on. When the pilot announced they would have to ditch, Vosler repaired their damaged radio by feel and managed to send a distress signal. Then, once they began to disembark the plane, he noticed the unconscious tail gunner slipping into the water. With selfless courage he jumped onto the wing and rescued his crew mate, hanging on by an antenna wire until others could help. Thanks to his actions, everyone survived.

In moments of terror and chaos, TSgt Vosler demonstrated extraordinary courage, calm, and skill which saved the lives of his crew.

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