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Welcome to the Education Division - Our mission is to inspire and educate students in the fields of STEM education, and support their educators & youth leaders


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The Education Division offers many hands-on programs, including Classes, Guided Tours, Presentations, Special Needs Programs and more. These aerospace activities provide an excellent opportunity to engage your students in STEM-based curriculum as well as history, social studies, art and language arts. 

Visit our FIELD TRIP INFORMATION page to get all the details that can help you plan a successful trip for your group's visit to the the museum.

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The Education Division offers a variety of resources that you can print before you visit, or do at home including Scavenger Hunts, Coloring Pages and Word Searches. 

Visit our Educational Resources page to learn more.



If you would like to book an Educational field trip, tour, or program for your group, please complete the request HERE.

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A student sits behind the simulator in the Intro to Pilot Class

This free course consists of Ground School and training at a flight simulator. Students, ages 14-18, must be able to attend all scheduled classes over the two-week period.

Advanced registration is required.

Click here for more information.


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Torso image of a student wearing a striped shirt sitting at a computer with a graphic of a cyber lock symbol floating above the keyboard.

This program is designed for students with a strong desire to work on a team interested in cybersecurity or other STEM disciplines. The team will participate in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition which includes a series of online competition rounds and teams are given a set of virtual operating systems and tasked with finding and fixing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Application required for students entering grades 9-12.
Click here for additional information.

If you have Education-related questions not addressed here, please contact the Education Division at or call (937) 255-8048.