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1949 Consolidated Vultee L-13A

Note: This aircraft was offered for exchange as part of NMUSAF Solicitation 19-001 (Closed).

1949 Consolidated Vultee L-13A (S/N 47-323) aircraft project, owned by the National Museum of the United States Air Force (NMUSAF) and determined excess to collection needs. Aircraft has a Franklin engine and is not airworthy or suitable for flight purposes. Legacy maintenance log books are available for the aircraft upon physical inspection.

The Stinson Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Consolidated Vultee Corporation, designed the L-13 aircraft toward the end of World War II for liaison, observation, and air ambulance duties in direct support of ground forces.  Fitted with a Franklin air-cooled engine, it incorporated lessons learned from earlier wartime aircraft and featured an all-metal fuselage, high-mounted fold-back wing and tail, cargo belly door, and interchangeable undercarriage for wheels, skis, or floats. The L-13 could accommodate a crew of 2 plus 5 passengers or 2 litter patients. Consolidated Vultee manufactured over 300 by the end of production in April 1949. The US military accepted the first L-13 in October 1947 they remained in active service as late as 1955.

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