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General Electric J35-A-17D

Originally developed by the General Electric Co. at the end of World War II, the J35 was the USAF's first axial-flow turbojet engine. In 1947 GE transferred responsibility for the production of the engine to the Allison Division of General Motors.

The J35 engine powered two important USAF fighters, the F-84 Thunderjet and F-89 Scorpion. It also powered several experimental aircraft, including the Bell X-5. More than 14,000 J35s had been built when production ended in 1955.

The engine on display is a J35-A-17D, which is nearly identical to the J35-A-17A, was used on the Bell X-5.

11-stage axial flow
Turbine: Single-stage
Thrust: 4,900 lbs.
Weight: 2,260 lbs.

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