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Franklin O-805-2

Note: This item is currently in storage.

The Franklin O-805-2, a 12-cylinder, 450 hp engine with opposed cylinders, was built near the end of World War II by Aircooled Motors to be used on the Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Group's XBQ-5 prototype. The aircraft would have been a radio-controlled, twin-engine, mid-wing monoplane with provisions for carrying up to 2,000 pounds of explosives in the form of bomb, torpedo or depth charge. Before the aircraft was built, however, the Army Air Forces canceled the program. The Navy also planned to use the engine in two XTD2R-1 radio-controlled drones. Before Interstate had completed them, the Navy changed the powerplants to Wright R-975 radial engines, and the aircraft were completed as XTD3R-1s.

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