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Fairchild XSM-73 Bull Goose

The Fairchild XSM-73 Bull Goose was a pilotless decoy missile designed in the 1950s to simulate the radar signatures of large bombers. If several ground-launched, intercontinental-range SM-73 decoys saturated and confused enemy defenses, the real bombers had a better chance of getting through to their targets. 

The Bull Goose carried electronic simulation and jamming equipment, and reflectors in its airframe made it look like a much larger aircraft on air defense radars.
The first prototype XSM-73 flew in 1957, but the program was canceled the next year after suffering numerous problems. Despite never becoming operational, the Bull Goose's fiberglass-resin wings provided early experience in building aircraft using composite materials. 
Engines: Thiokol solid rocket booster of 50,000 lbs. thrust, Fairchild YJ85-GE-3 turbojet of 2,450 lbs. thrust
Maximum speed: 517 mph
Range: 5,500 miles
Ceiling: 50,000 feet

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