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Republic XF-84H

The turboprop-driven XF-84H -- a joint Air Force/Navy project -- was designed to combine the speed of jet aircraft with the long range, low fuel consumption, and low landing speed of propeller-driven aircraft. The XF-84H’s modified F-84F airframe included a T-tail and a triangular fin behind the cockpit to reduce the effect of torque from the propellers.

Between July 1955 and October 1956, two XF-84Hs made 12 test flights -- 11 of these flights ended with emergency landings. Although the XF-84H was one of the fastest single-engine, propeller-driven aircraft ever built, it never approached supersonic speed. Due to poor performance and high maintenance requirements, the XF-84H never became operational.

The aircraft on display was the first of the two prototypes produced by Republic, and it flew 8 of the 12 test flights. The museum obtained the aircraft from Kern County, Calif., in 1999.

Allison XF-40-A-1 turboprop of 5,850 shaft hp
Maximum speed: 520 mph
Range: Beyond 2,000 miles
Service ceiling: Above 40,000 feet
Weight: 17,892 lbs.

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