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Bendix AN/TPS-1B Search Radar


The AN/TPS-1 is a lightweight portable search radar developed during World War II to provide early warning of enemy air attacks. It breaks down into 10 individual packages for easy delivery to forward areas by ship, cargo plane or truck. If necessary, the separate packages can be carried to very remote locations on foot or by pack animals, then quickly assembled for use. AN/TPS-1s were used to defend many beach-heads in the Pacific during the war and were among the first portable radar units to go into operation following the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. These units saw considerable postwar service.

The AN/TPS-1B on display in the World War II Gallery is one of 20 such units purchased by the Swedish Air Force in 1951, and except for Swedish placards and cold weather enclosure, is identical to those used by the AAF at the end of WWII. For many years, the AN/TPS-1B was an important part of Sweden's air defense system, but by 1983, its replacement by more modern equipment was almost complete. The Swedish Air Force donated this unit to the museum, delivered it in December 1984 and provided assistance in assembling it for display. 

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