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Ranger V-770 Inverted

Note: This item is currently in storage.

The V-770 is a 12-cylinder, inverted Vee, air-cooled engine produced from 1941-1945 by the Fairchild Ranger Aircraft Engine Division of Fairchild Aircraft and Engine Corp. It features a two-piece aluminum alloy crankcase, steel barreled cylinders with integral aluminum alloy fins and aluminum alloy heads. The V-770 was one of very few V-type, in-line, air-cooled engines to reach production. The engine was used in a relatively small number of Army Air Forces aircraft, among them the AT-21 twin-engine trainer of which approximately 175 were built.

Type: 12-cylinder, air-cooled, Vee (inverted)
Displacement: 773
Rated rpm: 3,150
Rated hp: 520
Cost: $11,000

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