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Junkers Jumo 211D

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The Junkers aircraft company in Germany began the development of the Jumo 211 in 1936. The 12-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine had a two-speed supercharger and was used mainly for powering various World War II German bombers, such as the Ju-87, the Ju-88 and certain models of the HE-111. The Jumo 211 series was noted for its reliability, although other engines in its class could produce more horsepower. When installed in an aircraft, the engine was inverted with the tops of the cylinder heads down. For exhibit purposes the engine is displayed with the cylinders upright and with one rocker arm cover removed to show the interior construction.

Junkers Jumo 211D
Type: 12-cylinder, liquid-cooled, inverted Vee
Displacement: 2,136
Rated hp: 1,210
Rated rpm: 2,400
Weight (dry): 1,408 lbs.

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