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Fairchild Model 24-C8F (UC-61J)

The Model 24 was a civilian aircraft first produced in 1932. Model 24s were built with a variety of in-line or radial air-cooled engines and different passenger-carrying capacities. During World War II more than 1,000 Model 24s were produced for the military under the designation UC-61, but many civilian models flew for the Civil Air Patrol. U.S. civilian members of the CAP flew countless patrol and rescue missions during the war using their own personal aircraft.

The civilian production Model 24-C8F on display (civil registration number NC16817) served in the CAP at Coastal Base 2, Rehoboth, Delaware, during WWII. The wartime owner of this airplane, CAP 1Lt. M.M. Wilder, was awarded the Air Medal for his service at Coastal Patrol Base 2. This aircraft has been repainted as it was while flying for the CAP. It was donated to the museum in 1991 by Lt. Col. (Ret.) George L. Weiss, Fort Washington, Md.

36 ft. 4 in.
Length: 24 ft. 7 in.
Height: 8 ft.
Weight: 2,450 lbs. loaded
Armament: None (some CAP aircraft carried small bombs)
Engine: Ranger 6-390-D3 of 150 hp
Crew: One pilot, two passengers
Serial Number: N/A
C/N: 3118
Other Registrations: N16817

Maximum speed:
120 mph
Cruising speed: 103 mph
Range: 525 miles
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft. 

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