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B-52D Battle Damage Report

There are approximately 56 holes causing extensive damage to skin structures at the following locations: fuselage, left and right wings, nose radome, left aft wheel door, vertical stabilizer, left and right horizontal stabilizers, and the left and right drop tanks.
(Damage indicated by yellow dots)

Internal damage is as follows: seven holes in forward body (fuel) tank cell #1; 70 holes in the forward body (fuel) tank cell #2; 40 holes in the mid-body (fuel) tank cell #1; one hole in the mid-body (fuel) tank cell #2; 51 holes in the aft body (fuel) tank cell #1; and numerous holes in the #1 cell of the water tank. Both ram air ducts have numerous holes and dents.
(Damage indicated by red dots)

Flak hit the IFR (in-flight refueling) manifold but did not exit. The fuel vent tube is full of buckshot-size holes, the astro tracker is damaged beyond repair, and the static port at Sta 1015.0. W.L. 169.1 is also damaged.
(Damage indicated by blue dots)

The #1 and #3 engines will require replacement. Aircraft hours: 9,690.9
(Damage indicated by black dots)

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