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Fighter Groups and Wings

1st Fighter Group
1st Fighter Wing - Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
1st Tactical Fighter Wing - Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
2nd Fighter Squadron - American Beagle Squadron
4th Fighter Group
4th Fighter Squadron
5th Fighter Group 
5th Fighter Squadron
8th Fighter Group 
8th Tactical Fighter Wing - Wolf FAC
10th Fighter Squadron
18th Fighter Wing
19th Fighter Squadron
20th Fighter Group
27th Fighter Wing
27th Fighter Bomber Group
31st Fighter Wing - 603rd Air Control SQ
34th Tactical Fighter Squadron
37th Fighter Squadron
39th Fighter Squadron
40th Fighter Squadron
40th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron
41st Fighter Squadron
47th Fighter Squadron
48th Fighter Squadron
48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
49th Fighter Group/Wing
49th Fighter Squadron
52nd Fighter Group
56th Fighter Group
61st Fighter Interceptor Squadron - front I back
67th Fighter Squadron
68th Fighter Squadron
68th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
69th Fighter Squadron
78th Fighter Group
79th Fighter Group
80th Fighter Squadron
81st Fighter Wing 
82nd Fighter Group
86th Fighter Bomber Group
89th Fighter Squadron
134th Fighter Interceptor Group
160th Fighter Squadron
307th Fighter Squadron
308th Fighter Squadron
309th Fighter Squadron
318th Fighter Group
319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
324th Fighter Group
325th Fighter Group
339th Fighter Group
339th Fighter Squadron
341st Fighter Squadron
350th Fighter Group
352nd Fighter Group
353rd Fighter Group
354th Fighter Group
354th Tactical Fighter Wing
355th Fighter Group
355th Tactical Fighter Wing
356th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group
359th Fighter Group
362nd Fighter Group
364th Fighter Group
366th Fighter Group
366th Tactical Fighter Wing
367th Fighter Group
368th Fighter Group
383rd, 384th & 385th Fighter Squadrons
405th Fighter Group
405th Fighter Group, 510th Fighter Squadron
406th Fighter Group
417th Night Fighter Squadron
419th Night Fighter Squadron
433rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron
434th Fighter Squadron
445th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
459th Fighter Squadron
460th Fighter Squadron
474th Fighter Group
479th Fighter Group
485th Fighter Squadron
493rd Fighter Squadron
529th Fighter Squadron

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Mask Policy:
In accordance with the updated guidance released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Defense (DoD) and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force will require all visitors to wear face masks indoors effective July 30, 2021 until further notice.

Visitors ages three and up will be required to wear masks while indoors at the museum. This policy applies to all visitors, staff and volunteers regardless of vaccination status. Visitors may wear their own masks or a free paper mask will be provided. Cloth masks will also be available for purchase in the Museum Store.
Additional information available here.

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