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Taylorcraft L-2M Grasshopper

Adapted for military use from the commercial, prewar Taylorcraft Tandem Trainer, the L-2 initially carried the designation O-57. The "L" for "liaison" replaced the "O" designation for "observation." In the summer of 1941, the L-2 Grasshopper performed its service tests during US Army maneuvers in Louisiana and Texas, where it operated in various support roles such as a light transport and courier. The L-2 was not used in combat or sent overseas during World War II, and it was only used for liaison pilot training.

The L-2M (S/N 43-26592) on display was built in 1944 by the Taylorcraft Airplane Co. in Alliance, Ohio. The U.S. Army Air Forces used it for liaison pilot training at the McFarland Flying Service Contract Pilot School at the Atkinson Municipal Airport in Pittsburg, Kan. It is painted to represent another L 2M flown at the Atkinson Municipal Airport (S/N 43-26588) during the war.

In September 2011, Richard Valladao donated the restored aircraft to the museum in memory of U.S. Army Private 1st Class Richard Jerome Conway, who was killed in combat while serving with the 45th Infantry Division in France in 1944.

Continental O-170-3 of 65 hp
Maximum speed: 92 mph
Range: 227 miles

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