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Evolution of USAF Flight Clothing

Note: This exhibit is located in the connecting link between the World War II and Korean War Galleries.

Through the years, advances in aircraft performance have increased the need for improved aircrew protection from the weather, a lack of oxygen, intense heat or cold, or even violent maneuvers in combat. Also, flying clothing must be flexible enough to allow crew members to perform their various tasks. This exhibit displays representative examples of flight clothing worn by U.S. Air Force crews from the days of the Air Service in World War I to Air Force astronauts flying the Space Shuttle today.

Click on the followings link to see photos of uniforms in this exhibit.

World War I Flyer (1918)
High Altitude or Cold Weather Flying (1920s to 1930s)
World War II European Theater of Operations (1943-1945)
World War II Pacific Theater of Operations (1943-1945)
Flight Instructor at Wright Field, Ohio (1943-1945)
F-86A Pilot, Korean War (1951)
F-4C Pilot, Vietnam (1966)
Space Shuttle Columbia Flight Test Astronaut (1981)

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