1951 Northrop YC-125B

Note:  This aircraft is currently being offered for exchange.

1951 Northrop YC-125B (S/N 48626 / C/N 2510) Aircraft Project, owned by the National Museum of the United States Air Force (NMUSAF) and determined excess to collection needs.  Aircraft has three Wright R-1820-99 engines and is not airworthy or suitable for flight purposes.  Original data plate is present and no maintenance log books are available for the aircraft and engines.

The Northrop YC-125 was a military version of the Northrop N-23 Pioneer commercial cargo aircraft.  The YC-125 series was intended to satisfy two types of missions for the Air Force:  troop and equipment transport to forward combat areas and Arctic rescue.  The YC-125 was designed to operate from rough, short airfields and to be easily maintained.

Thirteen YC-125As were ordered in 1948 to test the aircraft's ability to haul troops and cargo.  Ten additional aircraft were ordered, slightly modified as YC-125Bs, to test their capabilities in the Arctic rescue role.  The first flight of the YC-125A occurred on Aug. 1, 1949, and deliveries to the USAF began in 1950.  Following service tests, the YC-125s were sent to Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, to be used as ground maintenance trainers.  They were declared surplus in 1955.

The aircraft offered for exchange is painted to represent the YC-125B used for cold weather testing and based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, in 1950.

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