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A Useful Souvenir: The "Short Snorter"

Many Allied airmen in World War II made souvenirs of their travels by collecting currency from all the places they visited. A "short snorter" was a collection of bills taped together, often signed by friends. When buying drinks, an airmen who could not produce his short snorter was expected to buy a round for those who had theirs. In some cases, the person with the shortest snorter or the fewest signatures would buy the drinks. This short snorter belonged to Joseph Wehrle, and it includes paper money from China, India, Korea, Burma, the Phillippines, the U.S., Fiji, Australia, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, France, Bermuda, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Cuba, Canada, Portugal, Scotland, England, Brazil, French West Africa and British Guiana.

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