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Welrod Mark IIA Silenced Pistol

"Snap of a Finger"

The noise of the Welrod Mark IIA .32-cal. silenced pistol being fired has been characterized as being no louder than the snapping of a finger. 

Developed by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE), the Welrod was manufactured in two calibers -- .32 (as displayed) and also in 9mm Parabellum. The weapon has a bolt action which allows the feeding of five cartridges from the magazine in the grip. The silencer totally encases the barrel and the grip unit can be easily removed for carrying and concealment. Produced by Birmingham Small Arms in England, the exact number manufactured is unknown but it's believed to be approximately 2,800 pistols. 

The Welrod was air dropped into Europe for use by both special operation forces and resistance fighters where it was successfully used . Its last reported usage was as late as 1982 during the Falklands War. 

The weapon being displayed was used during World War Two by the Danish Resistance and was an intermuseum transfer from the Danish Tøjhusmuseet located in Copenhagen.

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