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Walter HWK 509B-1 Rocket

This liquid-fueled rocket engine is an advanced version of the engine that powered the German Me 163B Komet. It is equipped with an extra combustion chamber to extend the aircraft's range and endurance. The main engine and auxiliary chamber were used together for takeoff and climb. To conserve fuel, only the auxiliary chamber was used during level flight. The auxiliary cruising chamber added 660 pounds of thrust to the main engine's 3,750 pounds thrust. After successfully testing the 443-pound dual-chamber engine on two Me 163B prototypes, Messerschmitt designers planned to use it (as the HWK 509C-1) in the Me 163C, a further development of the Komet interceptor. World War II ended before the Me 163C could enter combat.

HWK 509B-1
Chamber arrangement: Dual (main chamber plus auxiliary cruising chamber)
Maximum thrust: 4,410 lbs.
Weight: 443 lbs.

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