Lifeboat from the Sky

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The Edo company developed this model A-3 lifeboat in 1947. Modified B-29 bombers, known as SB-29s, carried these boats. SB-29s accompanied bomber formations to the coast of North Korea and circled there while the bombers hit targets inland. If a returning bomber had to ditch in the ocean, a lifeboat could be dropped to save the crew.

The boat could carry 15 people. It was equipped with food and water for several days, and also had a small engine. The boat was self-righting, featured covers to keep out sun, wind and rain, and had a ladder for boarding. About 100 of these boats were made.

30 ft.
Weight: 2,736 lbs. fully equipped
Speed: 8 knots on calm water
Engine: Gas, 4-cylinder Red Wing Meteor 20

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