MiG-15 Pilot

Unlike their Sabre counterparts, MiG-15 pilots did not wear hard helmets or g-suits. In fact, their flight clothing and gear was essentially the same as that worn by Soviet pilots years before during World War II.

ASP-3N Gunsight
This ASP-3N gunsight was removed from the museum's MiG-15bis. Like the Mark 18 gunsight used on early F-86As, it computed lead (how far to aim in front of a moving target). Unlike the F-86, however, the MiG-15 did not have a ranging radar to compute the distance to the target.

The round pad below the sighting glass was to help protect the pilot's face should he fall forward and strike the gunsight during a hard landing.

Pilot's Ejection Seat
Like the F-86, the MiG-15bis was equipped with an ejection seat. The seat on display was removed from the Museum's MiG-15bis.

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