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Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220

This engine is currently not on public display. 

The high performance Pratt & Whitney F100 turbofan engine is the powerplant for the F-15 Eagle and the majority of F-16 Fighting Falcons. Development of the F100 series began in the late 1960s for the F-X fighter program (which became the F-15 Eagle fighter). The F100-PW-220 version is used in the F-15C/D/E and F-16C/D.

Early F100 engines were at the cutting edge of jet engine technology, and they initially experienced early developmental challenges. Continued improvements made the F100 series durable, very reliable and more powerful--maximum thrust increased from about 24,000 lbs. in the early models to greater than 29,000 lbs. in more advanced versions. The F100 series remains in use with the air forces of more than 20 countries, and it will continue to be an important military powerplant far into the 21st century.

The F100-PW-220 donated to the museum by Pratt & Whitney in November 2009.

Technical Notes:
Maximum Thrust
(with afterburner): 23,770 lbs.
Weight: 3,234 lbs.
Length (with afterburner): 15ft. 11 in.
Diameter: 3 ft. 10.5 in.

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