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German Camps and Hospitals Holding Internees

DAYTON, Ohio -- "Prejudice & Memory: A Holocaust Exhibit" at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)

DAYTON, Ohio -- "Prejudice & Memory: A Holocaust Exhibit" at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)

The following German camps and hospitals held American POWs and civilian internees (as of Dec. 31, 1944).

Lazaretts (Hospitals)
Lazarett IV A Elsterhorst (Hohnstein, Czechoslovakia)
Lazarett IV G (Leipzig, Germany)
Lazarett V B (Rottenmunster, Germany)
Lazarett VI C (Lingen, Germany)
Lazarett VI G (Gerresheim, Germany)
Lazarett VI J (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Lazarett VII A (Freising, Germany)
Lazarett IX B (Bad Soden/Salmunster, Germany)
Lazarett IX C (a) (Obermassfeld, Germany)
Lazarett IX C (b) (Meiningen, Germany)
Lazarett IX C (c) (Hildburghausen, Germany)
Lazarett X A (Schleswig, Germany)
Lazarett X B (Sandbostel, Germany)
Lazarett XIII D (Nurnberg-Langwasser, Germany)
Lazarett XVIII A/Z (Spittal/Drau, Austria)
Marine Lazarett (Cuxhaven, Germany)
Luftwaffen Lazarett 4/11 (Wismar, Germany)
Reserve Lazarett II Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
Reserve Lazarett Graz (Graz, Austria)
Reserve Lazarett Bilin (Bilin, Czechoslovakia)
Reserve Lazarett Wollstein (Wollstein, Poland)
Reserve Lazarett II Stargard (Stargard, Germany)
Reserve Lazarett Schmorkau (Schmorkau, Germany)
Reserve Lazarett Konigswartha (Konigswartha, Germany)
Reserve Lazarett Ebelsbach (Ebelsbach, Germany)

Camps for Airmen
Stalag Luft I (Barth, Germany)
Stalag Luft III (Sagan, Poland)
Stalag Luft IV (Gross Tychow, Poland)
Stalag Luft VI (Heydekrug, Germany)
Stalag Luft VII A (Mosburg, Germany)
Stalag Luft VIII D (Nurnberg, Germany)
Stalag Luft XVII B (Krems, Austria)
Dulag Luft (Wetzlar, Germany)

Ground Force Officers' Camps
Oflag IV C (Colditz, Germany)
Oflag VII B (Eichstatt, Germany)
Oflag IX A/H (Spangenburg, Germany)
Oflag IX A/Z (Rotenburg, Germany)
Oflag X B (Nienburg, Germany)
Oflag XI (79) (Brunswick, Germany)
Oflag 64 (Altburgund, Poland)

Naval and Merchant Marine Camps
Marlag-Milag (Tarmstedt, Germany)

Camps for Ground Forces
Stalag II A (Neubrandenburg, Germany)
Stalag II B (Hammerstein, Germany)
Stalag III A (Luckenwald, Germany)
Stalag III B (Furstenburg/Oder, Germany)
Stalag III C (Altdrewitz, Germany)
Stalag III D (Berlin-Steglitz, Germany)
Stalag IV A (Hohenstein, Germany)
Stalag IV B (Muhlberg, Germany)
Stalag IV C (Wistritz, Germany)
Stalag IV D/Z (Annaburg, Germany)
Stalag IV F (Hartmannsdorf, Germany)
Stalag IV G (Oschatz, Germany)
Stalag V A (Ludwigsburg, Germany)
Stalag V B (Villigen, Germany)
Stalag VI G (Bergish-Neustadt, Germany)
Stalag VI J (Krefeld, Germany)
Stalag VII A (Moosburg, Germany)
Stalag VII B (Memmingen, Germany)
Stalag VIII B (Teschen, Poland)
Stalag 344 (Lamsdorf, Germany)
Stalag VIII C (Sagen, Germany)
Stalag IX B (Bad Orb, Germany)
Stalag IX C (Bad Sulza, Germany)
Stalag X B (Bremervorde, Germany)
Stalag X C (Nienburg, Germany)
Stalag XI A (Altengrabow, Germany)
Stalag XI B (Fallingbostel, Germany)
Stalag XII A (Limburg, Germany)
Stalag XII D (Wahbreitbach, Germany)
Stalag XII F (Freinsheim, Germany)
Stalag XIII C (Hammelburg, Germany)
Stalag 383 (Hohenfels, Germany)
Stalag XVII A (Kaisersteinbruch, Austria)
Stalag 398 (Pupping, Austria)
Stalag XVIII A (Wolfberg, Austria)
Stalag XVIII C (317) (Markt-Pongau, Austria)
Stalag 357 (Oerbke, Germany)
Stalag XX A (Torun, Poland)
Stalag XX B (Marienburg, East Prussia)
WK 8-BAB 21 (Blechhammer, Germany)

Civilian Internee Camps
Ilag Biberach (Biberach, Germany)
Ilag Liebenau (Libenau, Germany)
Ilag VII/H Laufen (Laufen, Germany)

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