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Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

On Oct. 24, 1966, the Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. John P. McConnell, announced the creation of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF) position. In April 1967 CMSgt. Paul W. Airey became first to hold that position. The CMSAF serves as personal advisor to the Air Force Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Air Force in all matters relating to USAF enlisted personnel. Over the past three decades, each CMSAF has brought to the position unique talents and perspectives developed through long years of service. With skill, dedication, insight and hard work, the CMSAF ensures that USAF enlisted personnel has representation at the Air Staff level concerning issues of pay, housing, medical coverage, training, promotion and retirement.

1967-1969 -- Paul W. Airey
1969-1971 -- Donald L. Harlow
1971-1973 -- Richard D. Kisling
1973-1977 -- Thomas N. Barnes
1977-1979 -- Robert D. Gaylor
1979-1981 -- James M. McCoy
1981-1983 -- Arthur L. Andrews
1983-1986 -- Sam E. Parish
1986-1990 -- James C. Binnicker
1990-1994 -- Gary R. Pfingston
1994-1996 -- David J. Campanale
1996-1999 -- Eric W. Benken
1999-2002 -- Frederick J. Finch
2002-2006 -- Gerald R. Murray
2006-2009 -- Rodney J. McKinley
2009-2013 -- James A. Roy
2013-2017 -- James A. Cody

2017-2020 -- Kaleth O. Wright

August 2020 – Present  JoAnne S. Bass


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