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Personal Account from Capt. McConnell

31 January 1953

"I encountered 4 MiG 15's at 46,000' I turned left into them, then reversed my turn on the first 2. I then broke right into the second 2 and again reversed my turn and lined up on the #2 MiG of the 1st element. I hit the MiG it rolled over and dived for the ground. I followed firing occasionally. Finally the MiG crashed.

In the process of chasing the 1st MiG his leader got on my tail. After the #2 MiG crashed. I pulled into a very high "G" turn. He slid to the outside and I reversed rolling over the top. I completed the roll ending at six o'clock on the outside of the turn. The MiG continued turning and I again pulled very high "G" and pulled lead on the MiG and again started firing hitting the engine, he had an engine explosion. The MiG rolled out and I started firing from passes descending and ascending up and down through his smoke and jet wash.

At one time while coming up through the MiG jet wash and smoke and firing the MiG pulled up. When I came out of the smoke I was about to collide with the MiG. I pulled up over the tail and half rolled to keep the MiG in sight. The MiG pilot looked up at me and pulled up into me as though to ram me. I pushed forward violently to avoid hitting him and finally rolled out at 6 o'clock again. The MiG pulled up and opened speed brakes as though to bail out. I had to leave because of fuel shortage; in fact, I glided the last 90 miles. The MiG was confirmed by another flight that observed the crash."

Joseph McConnell II
Capt., USAF