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Air Service Enters Combat

The first U.S. air unit sent to Europe was the 1st Aero Squadron, the same outfit that had served under Pershing on the Mexican border in 1916. Under command of Maj. Ralph Royce, it arrived in France on Sept. 3, 1917. Other squadrons gradually arrived, but all had to be equipped with airplanes and trained, a time-consuming process.

Meanwhile, most of the American pilots of the Escadrille Lafayette were commissioned as U.S. Army officers, and on Feb. 18, 1918, when the unit became the 103rd Aero Squadron of the Air Service, AEF, its French enlisted ground personnel were replaced by U.S. troops. Since the 103rd remained on the Front under French control without any interruption in its combat activity, it had the honor of being the first U.S. Air Service in aerial combat over the Western Front.

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