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Wild Weasel Flight Gear

A Wild Weasel crewman wore a hard helmet and an oxygen mask with an integrated microphone. A survival vest held a first aid kit, escape map, survival kit and other items useful should he be shot down or forced to eject. 

Over the waist and legs is a g-suit, which fills with air during sharp turns to keep him from passing out from high g-forces. On his back is a parachute. Other items normally carried included a pistol and survival knife. Underneath all the above equipment is a K-2B flight suit with all insignia removed to deny the enemy information if he is shot down.

Except for the parachute, these items were used in combat over North Vietnam. Lt. Col. Edward Rock, commander of the 17th Wild Weasel Squadron, wore the helmet and oxygen mask. The remaining items were used by Capt. Robert "Butch" King, an EWO who flew in the museum's F-105G.

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