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ALQ-71 Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) Pod

Carried by fighter aircraft, ECM pods jammed enemy radars by emitting high powered radio signals. Though effective when carried in large, close formations in level flight, an ECM pod was of little value in the small, constantly maneuvering formations used by Wild Weasels. Furthermore, ECM pod signals interfered with the equipment used to find SAM radars, and it hung on a wing pylon that otherwise could have carried an additional Shrike missile. 

F-105F Wild Weasels carried ECM pods because of a standing order that all tactical aircraft flying over North Vietnam had to carry at least one ECM pod, but most Wild Weasel crews did not even turn them on. The F-105G introduced internal ECM jamming equipment located in blisters on both sides of the aircraft's belly, thereby eliminating the need to carry an external pod on a pylon.

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