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Strike at the Doumer Bridge: Lt. Col. James McInerney and Capt. Fred Shannon

On Aug. 11, 1967, Lt. Col. James McInerney (pilot) and Capt. Fred Shannon (EWO) led the Wild Weasel flight covering the first airstrike against the very heavily-defended Paul Doumer Bridge in Hanoi, North Vietnam. Hanoi was the central hub of North Vietnam's railway network, and the mile-long Paul Doumer Bridge was a key link that carried one rail and two highway lines.

During the strike, McInerney and Shannon destroyed two SA-2 sites and suppressed four others. They flew through intense anti-aircraft artillery fire and dodged the three SA-2s launched at their flight. The strike force completely severed the Doumer Bridge, and as a direct result of McInerney and Shannon's action, not a single aircraft was lost.

For their heroism and skill, Lt. Col. McInerney and Capt. Shannon were awarded the Air Force Cross. McInerney, who commanded the 355th TFW's Wild Weasel squadron (the 13th TFS), later became a USAF major general.

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