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U-2 Pilot's Party Suit

This "party suit" was not worn on missions, but instead was a strictly recreational outfit. It belonged to U-2 pilot Capt. Frank "Fuzzy" Furr, who wore it during the Southeast Asia War while deployed at U-Tapao, Thailand, in the early 1970s. Many pilots had customized party suits, and wore them for fun at unofficial gatherings. 

Party suits were usually humorous or ironic. The black rank insignia, name and U-2 silhouette on a black background emphasize the U-2's mysterious reputation. In U-Tapao's small U-2 community, both pilots and mission planners had party suits, which were made locally in Thailand. The phrase "toward the unknown," on the left shoulder patch, has been a U-2 slogan for many years.

349th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron Patch
This large patch matches the unit patch on Capt. Furr's party suit. The 349th was one of two U-2 squadrons in the 100th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing deployed as needed to overseas locations. U-2s flew from U-Tapao, Thailand, primarily gathering electronic intelligence, from July 1970 to January 1973.

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