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U-2s Around the World in the Cold War

The U-2 flew from bases around the world during the Cold War, including West Germany, England, France, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Pakistan, South Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Thailand and South Korea. The USAF called its U-2 operators "Air Weather Squadrons," while the CIA called the same units "detachments." Both the USAF and the CIA flew U-2s until 1974, when the USAF took over U-2 operations from the CIA.

Over the years, the USAF has performed a variety of missions using the U-2, including gathering electronic and photo intelligence near the borders of unfriendly nations. U-2s also performed High Altitude Sampling Program (HASP) flights providing precise information about atmospheric nuclear testing. In addition, U-2s tested missile warning and other electronic systems. In Southeast Asia in the late 1960s, U-2s increasingly performed electronic intelligence missions near the Chinese border as the threat of North Vietnamese antiaircraft missiles grew. They also brought back photographic bomb damage assessments from the Linebacker bombing campaigns in North Vietnam.

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