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First 100 Missions over North Vietnam

Capt. Eldon "Joe" Canady was an EWO (electronic warfare officer) in the first group of RB-66Cs to deploy to Southeast Asia in April 1965. These aircraft jammed enemy radar that directed anti-aircraft fire. 

Canady flew on the first RB-66C combat mission in Southeast Asia on May 4, 1965, and rapidly built up his mission tally over North Vietnam. After flying 27 missions, he went back to the U.S. for several weeks, but returned to Southeast Asia in August. RB-66Cs were few in number, but in high demand. On many days, Canady flew two missions, and on one day, he flew three missions over North Vietnam. In November alone, he flew 27 missions over the North. 

Canady completed his 100th mission over North Vietnam in December 1965. Still, Canady continued to fly combat missions until he returned home to train new crews in February 1966.

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