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The TEMPER Tent (Tent Extendable Modular Personnel) is a highly versatile design suitable for a wide range of environments and capable of being assembled using standard modules into a multitude of configurations. These configurations can range from smaller personnel and utility purposes to larger medical or kitchen configurations. In its largest standard form, it can be assembled into a dining facility which can serve 1,100 service people. The TEMPER tent represents the most dramatic improvement in military tentage since World War II.

The TEMPER has an aluminum frame and is primarily covered with a vinyl coated polyester duck cloth that is fire, mildew and water resistant. The covering also has special coatings which suppress its visual and electronic characteristics to help conceal it from surveillance. It is fitted with features which allows for both heating and air conditioning.

Represented here is the Type IV Personnel (Air Force) configuration which would consist of four sections for an overall length of 32 feet plus an entrance vestibule.

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