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General Electric J73 Turbojet

The J73 engine was developed by the General Electric Co. from the J47 engine in the early 1950s. The more powerful J73 was used in F-86H aircraft instead of the J47 as in earlier series F-86s. In September 1954, during the National Aircraft Show in Dayton, Ohio, a J73 engine powered an F-86H to a world's speed record of 649.302 mph for a 500-kilometer closed course in the General Electric Trophy Event. At the same show, the J73-powered F-86H also established a Thompson Trophy Event record of 692.818 mph over a 100-kilometer closed course.

The engine is similar to the J73-GE-3 series engine used in the F-86H aircraft. Part of the case has been cut away to reveal the engine's internal components. 

This engine has been temporarily removed from public display for cleaning. 

Model: J73-GE-3E
Compressor: 12-stage axial
Turbine: Two-stage axial
Weight: 3,650 lbs.
Thrust: 8,920 lbs. maximum
Maximum rpm: 7,950
Maximum operating altitude: 65,000 ft.
Cost: $145,000

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