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Battlefield Airmen in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom

U.S. Air Force ground special tactics played a key role during the initial stages of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. After the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, small, highly-mobile U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy special operation forces inserted deep into the hostile mountains of Afghanistan to find, capture and destroy elusive Taliban and Al Qaeda forces. The Taliban was quickly removed from power, and Air Force Battlefield Airmen continued searching for terrorists hiding in the mountains.

In the early part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq, USAF Battlefield Airmen, in joint operations with other U.S. unconventional forces, conducted missions that paralyzed 11 Iraqi divisions. Their efforts made the land drive to Baghdad less difficult. USAF Battlefield Airmen also established forward assault landing strips, directed close air support strikes and recovered downed and wounded personnel. 

USAF Battlefield Airmen remain an essential part of U.S. military operations worldwide.

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