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1943 Fairchild PT-26

Note: This aircraft was offered for exchange as part of NMUSAF Solicitation 19-001 (Closed).

1943 Fairchild PT-26 (M-62A-4, S/N FC-120) aircraft project, owned by the National Museum of the United States Air Force (NMUSAF) and determined excess to collection needs. Aircraft has a Ranger engine and is not airworthy or suitable for flight purposes. Legacy maintenance log books are available for the aircraft upon physical inspection.

In 1942 the Army Air Forces ordered the PT-26 into production for the Royal Canadian Air Force under the Lend-Lease Program. A total of more than 1,700 PT-26s were produced in the United States by Fairchild and in Canada by Fleet Aircraft, Ltd. The PT-26 used a Ranger air-cooled, in-line engine.

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