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Boeing YCGM-121B Seek Spinner

The BRAVE 200 was designed and built by Boeing Military Airplane Co. in the early 1980s and received the military designation YCGM-121B. It is an unmanned aerial vehicle designed to seek out and attack the radars that control enemy anti-aircraft artillery or surface-to-air missile defenses. (Some radar antennas rotate or spin, hence the name "Seek Spinner.") It is launched from the ground with rocket assistance. Using instructions programmed into its computer, the YCGM-121B flies to a designated target where it loiters or circles until its sensors detect the enemy radar signal. The vehicle then follows the radar beam to its source and detonates its warhead, damaging or destroying the radar site.

The Seek Spinner underwent testing for a number of years with promising results. However, it never became operational. The last test flight took place in late 1989. The program was then cancelled due to cost and the availability of alternative systems. The museum received the Seek Spinner in late 1989.

Armament: 40 lb. warhead
Engine: Rocket booster for launch; modified snowmobile engine of 20 hp for sustained flight
Maximum speed: 200 mph
Range: Approx. 300 miles
Span: 8 ft.
Length: 7 ft.
Weight: 450 lbs. loaded

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