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390th Bomb Group (H)

390th Bombardment Group (H)
13th Combat Wing -- 3rd Air Division of the 8th Air Force

This memorial is the configuration of the tail of a B-17 aircraft known as the Flying Fortress. The 390th Bombardment Group (H) flew 301 combat missions out of England during World War II. In addition to its outstanding bombing record, the 390th was credited with shooting down in one day -- Oct. 10, 1943 -- 62 enemy fighters. This was the highest kill rate in a single day for any bomber or fighter group in the European Theater of Operations. In all, the group was credited with destroying 377 enemy aircraft during the war. The 390th attacked enemy targets throughout Europe. Also, the 390th was selected to take part in every shuttle mission flown by the 8th Air Force, including attacks on targets on the Eastern Front, in the Balkans, in Southern France and at the Normandy Beachhead.

Two Presidential Citations
Regensburg mission - Aug. 17, 1943
Schweinfurt mission - Oct. 14, 1943

The Units
390th Headquarters Squadron
568th Bombardment Squadron
569th Bombardment Squadron
570th Bombardment Squadron
571th Bombardment Squadron
1143rd Military Police Company
272nd Medical Dispensary
30th Station Complement Squadron
2034th Fire Fighting Platoon
458th Sub-Depot
878th Chemical Company
1689th Ordnance Company
1091st Quartermaster Company
216th Finance Section
18th Weather Squadron
563rd Postal Unit

To All Our Support Personnel
You achieved the impossible. You scoffed at pressure.

You improvised, modified and ingeniously substituted whenever necessary.

You patched our wings, replaced our engines and healed our battle inflicted wounds.

You worked timelessly to achieve operational readiness for our damaged B-17s.

You, as experts, unfailingly provided fuel, bombs, ammunition and all equipment necessary to sustain every bombing mission.

You truly excelled in maintaining the over-all efficiency of the greatest air force ever assembled.

You exemplified your deep concern as you housed and fed us, guarded and protected us with great care and professional skill.

You turned your special civilian skills into a mighty military asset. You were the part of the team which made the next combat mission possible.

Your dedication, commitment and intellect were major contributions to the total war effort.

Together we share the ultimate victory.

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